CAHSC are proud to have contributed to the development of a digital health and well being programme called iCareiMove. The programme has been developed to provide a health and wellbeing digital platform specifically designed for the adult social care sector. 


Fun and effective wellbeing and exercise for the cared for their carers. Everyone is entitled to move and age well. iCareiMove community tackles inactivity, improving health, education and quality of life of the older population and those that work with it through an engaging range of fun, effective and safe exercise and wellbeing programmes at an affordable subscription.

iCareiMove Technology

iCareiMove enables any subscriber to visit our products 24/7 in any environment . The magic o movement is encapsulated on film, audio and downloads designed to reach the unreachable.

iCareiMove Solutions

If you are a business that cares and is driven by the provision of a quality service to your clients and upskilling and educating your own staff team, then our interactive portal, bespoke training packages and continuous education will drive a healthier and happier lifestyle all round.

icareimove, perranbay care home and comic relief

icareimove are delighted to be working with Perran Bay Care Home on their successful Comic Relief Care Home Challenge Fund Bid. They have secured funding for a 2 year evidenced project outlining:

  • improving strength and balance in residents
  • reducing falls
  • reducing stress levels in staff and residents
  • increasing self-confidence in staff and residents
  • building knowledge and skills amoungst the whole staff team
  • increase lvels of socail interaction between local community, the residents and staff
  • using technology to improve the lives of residents


icareimove are working with partners including NHS, Cornwall Council, EPIC-EHealth and CAHSC who are the designated Charity and have supported iCareiMove in its growth.